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1 August 2013

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Store-bought sweets are for suckers.
Doorstep desserts are where it’s at.

The capital is suddenly Bakersville, with more home bakers than you can shake a rolling pin at. We’re loosening our belts and working our way through this new crop, and last weekend we sampled a new dessert service that takes the, er, cake.

Tanya Gupta’s Whiskawish will whip up anything you fancy, from the confectionery already on her menu to any esoteric childhood indulgence memory, this accomplished home baker will whisk your wishes into reality.

There’s a Bailey’s chocolate cake that is half cocoa slab and half velvet; one moist, rich slice will put you in sugar heaven for hours. There’s also a Harry Potter-inspired treacle tart that Gupta recommends eating warm, and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, as well as little peanut butter-topped cupcakes, wee cups of coffee mousse, and mini eclairs that are best eaten immediately.

But it’s the carrot cake that we’re all (bunny) ears for. Usually the only thing healthy about a wedge of carrot cake is its name, but Gupta’s super-moist version is made with 50 per cent wholewheat flour (we’d never have guessed), and while that doesn’t quite edge it into wheatgrass territory, it’s enough to take the guilt off having another slice.

Or that’s what we’re telling ourselves anyway.