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Rawleaf salad delivery

by The India Tube

16 May 2013

Visit the website for more information and to place an order.
Ph: +91.124.6470977

As Dilliwalas grow ever more interested in where their food comes from, a service that sends fresh salad to your door.

Founder: Simarjit Singh, who is also the gentleman responsible for those Hot and Juicy steamed corn stands you see every time you’re at the cinema.

How it works: Visit their website, have a skim through their fairly concise list of products, punch in your orders and voila! If you order before noon, your salad will be delivered to you before 8pm that same day. They accept either cash or cheques on delivery.

What’s on offer: All Rawleaf’s salads are thoroughly washed, so are entirely ready to eat. Choose from prepackaged salad boxes, complete with dressing and fork, or salad packs, which are just the leaves, ready to be used however you’d like.

Where it comes from: From Singh’s own farm, and those of other growers, all close to the city. The salad leaves are grown from premium seeds, and every stage – planting, growing, harvesting – is chemical and pesticide free. The salad greens are cooled within hours of harvest, and make it to your doorstep anywhere between 24 and 48 hours of harvest. Superfresh, basically.

What we ordered: We got a trio of salad boxes: the chicken Caesar, the Asia mix and the Rawleaf mix, also with chicken. The Caesar was our favourite, with butter-toasted croutons, torn-up pieces of smoked chicken and incredibly crisp, undeniably fresh lettuce. We’ve got our eyes on a pack that combines broccoli florets and peaches next.

Would we order again? We already have.