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Le Dupleix

by The India Tube

21 August 2013

5 rue de la Caserne, Pondicherry.
Ph: +91.41322.26001
Visit the website for more information.

A quasi-Gallic meal in this city by the sea.

Pondicherry’s French Quarter was once the base of the Compagnie des Indes Orientales, better known to you and I as the French East India Company. In French possession (on and off) up until 1954, the streets in the White Town, as the neighbourhood is also known, are lined with colonial villas and bougainvillea, and retain their original names, quiet wide avenues like rue Suffren, rue Dumas, and rue de la Caserne, where you’ll find Le Dupleix. 

We found a delicious blend of French colonial and Tamil cultures on our plates at the restaurant, where bowlfuls of rasam rub shoulders with an excellent sautéed snapper fillet and coffee sorbet. The seafood is fresh and the plating is stuffy but the flavours are sound. The cocktail list was intriguing, but we skipped over these to choose a glass of chilled white wine off a limited wine list.

Don’t go expecting classical French fare and you won’t be disappointed.
Do, and you’ll be confused by the appearance of a plate of the decidedly un-French ravioli con funghi.