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Jimmy’s Gourmet Kitchen

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20 January 2015

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The Champagne’s lost its fizz and you’re coming down off December’s sugar high: it might be time to consider a salad. 

Yep, nothing works up an appetite for a bowlful of lettuce like squeezing into your jeans on a cold January morning. But on the upside, this weather means that you can eat those leafy bits without them wilting in seconds, and, crucially, padding your diet out with some fresh produce might alleviate some of the guilt over eating every last one of Santa’s cookies.

But without a bit of imagination, and a fair bit of grocery shopping, salads can be a bit…meh. It’s hard to pimp a pile of tired greens and listless roughage, particularly when it’s so gloomy outside. This is why you ring Jimmy Gourmet Kitchen. 

With an extensive menu of pre-assembled salads (Rs 275), jars of pasta sauces (Rs 285-375), salad dressings (Rs 250), dips (Rs 240-375), soups (Rs 200), and nut butters (Rs 250-625), Jimmy’s Kitchen takes the faff out of of eating well. Everything is fresh, organic, and requires you to give them a 24-hour heads-up. Their salads arrive in glass jars that you can wash and re-use, brilliantly designed to prevent unwieldy lettuce leaves from ruining your nice winter woolies, all neatly layered and pre-doused with dressing. All you have to do is give the jar a violent shake and voila: perfectly dressed salad.

We tried the habanero avocado, and were happy with our tidy layers of romaine lettuce, garbanzo beans, avocado, carrot, and cubes of cottage cheese in a tart vinaigrette. The Napa also fared well, with its combo of red grape, Brie, walnut, black olives and mustard wine dressing. We’ve still got to sample their soups and almond butters, but their jalapeño hummus is making our breakfasts a little gentler.

And now that your time’s freed up from all the grocery shopping you didn't have to do, add some exciting bits (warm bacon anyone?) to make your own batch of warm, wintry goodness that much sweeter.